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Best Binary Options Signals and Signal Providers Software in South Africa

Trading signals seem to be relatively new within the binary trading circle. As with any new type of online trading the foundations take a few years to get in place and soon after come the various strategies, tips and then the signals. Signal trading is often referred to “mirroring” someone else’s trades. For example, following the trading strategies of some of the top professional day traders. Often these pro traders will sell their own personal signals so that investors can “copy paste” and try and profit off the back of more educated traders.

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Your capital might be at risk

Binary Options Trading Signals

Alternatively, investors can buy signals from professional trading services. When selecting a signal service, its imperative to choose a reliable service that does not make false and outrageous statements or manipulate thier results in someway just to make a quick buck. As you start researching different signal providers, you will soon see if the results appear too good to be true.

How much do signal services cost?

As we mentioned previously, Binary options signals are effectively trade alerts for the main trading markets which include, indices, stock, commodity, or currency markets. These services are available at different price points, ranging from free signals to an average on-going cost of $2,000 per a year, this depends on the providing company or individual. Some services offer competitively cheap monthly packages for long term on-going access. Here, average costs range from about $100-$300 a month. Its important to consider that a higher price tag does not necessarily mean that the service will be successful. Doing your own research will increase the chances of finding a profitable service.

How accurate are Signal Services?

There are a number of great signal services out there. Depending on the type of investor you are, its often the case that you will come across conflicting signal providers. The legit providers are constantly analysing the markets and numbers and in particular their own trades over a period of time. Almost like their own personal trading diary.

Signals need to be Actionable

Signals that never actually trigger a trade are effectively useless. What this means is that if a signal comes through, but the price of the asset does not actually hit the trigger level, there will be no trade action and therefore no potential earnings. In most cases, this does tend to occur rather frequently with signals provided that are provided for free. Look out for the 60 seconds binary option signals. They are much harder to trade and even harder to get signals on. Still, a good signals system will have missed trades from time to time, so you need to find a balance here.