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Binary Options News

Choosing a Binary Options Broker

In this post we explore the various factors traders need to consider when choosing a binary broker to trade with online. Unfortunately because the binary trading industry is still largely unregulated, there are a number of brokers out there that are running some very dodgy operations and effectively stealing hard earned money from their customers…. Read more

Forex.fr Partners with XPMarkets Binary Option

Well known and respected forex portal, Forex.fr has recently announced a partnership with Binary Option Platform provider XPMarkets. XPMarkets offers an advanced online trading platform focused mainly on binary options for most major stocks and indexes. Their software is powered by the well known Tradologic development company based in Cyprus. XPMarkets offer their platform mainly… Read more

Trading Binary Options Online

Binary Options are one of the latest trading trends to hit the online space in South Africa. Traditionally, it was very complicated and difficult for retail customers to trade binary options. With the advances in technology and the growth of online trading, trading binary options online is now possible and can be extremely lucrative if… Read more

The South Africa 40 Index

The South Africa 40 (SA 40) Index is a collection of the top 40 listed companies trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The top 40 companies are ranked by full market value in the FTSE/JSE All-Share Index. SA 40 Features Some of the main features of the index include: Both total return versions and capital of the index… Read more

Vanilla Options vs Binary Options

In todays market, investors can often get confused with the various trading instruments and products available on the market, especially to retail investors. Options trading has been around for some time, its main focus in the beginning was on institutional investors and slowly this focus moved to more retail or casual investors. With the advent… Read more

Is Trading Binary Options in South Africa Legal?

Due the growing popularity of binary options, the question must be asked, is this form of trading currently legal in South Africa and how has this market developed in South Africa over the past few years. Lets first look at what the definition is of a Binary Option is. A Binary Option can be defined… Read more

Selecting the right Binary Options trading platform

Binary Options trading is experiencing massive growth throughout the world and most experts say this growth has only just started. As a result of this growth, many private companies and institutions are starting to offer Binary Options trading platforms for retail clients and institutional clients. With so much choice available today and more to come in the… Read more

How to make money with Binary Options

When it comes to investing, nothing is easy these days. There are always people that seem to find ways of making money trading. More and more people are taking advantage of Binary trading which requires a low investment but can yield extremely high rewards..  You get an instant turnover, which is attractive. There is of… Read more

Am i Gambling When Trading Binary Options?

Binary Options is here to stay! It is much easier to understand and trade than the traditional trading platforms. Everyone is trying to get a piece of it at the moment. If you are new, let me try explaining binary options. They are contracts between a buyer and seller. The buyer looks through the many… Read more

Binary Trading and Money Management

This is often the most overlooked feature in binary Option Trading. One can loose a lifetime of profits very quickly if one doesn’t manage his money correctly. Here are some simple strategies to try increase your trades: Binary Options and Gambling – One must not mistake Binary options for gambling. Never risk to much on… Read more

Binary Options Trading Tips

Binary options are fixed odd bets that are placed on the way the market moves. If the anticipated direction of the market happens, the trader gets his fixed amount of winnings at the end of the contract. Binary options are easier and better than traditional trading. One can hedge funds, make use of cost advantages,… Read more

Online Binary Options Basics – Revisted

Binary options are known by a couple of names ie – all or nothing or digital option. These are used to trade on a fixed return determined when the trade is placed. There are two terms you need to know – in the money and out of the money. A predetermined payout will be received… Read more

Types of Binary Options

People often overlook the different types of Binary Options due to the popularity of the above/below options. In fact there are several types of Binary Options. Binary Options defined as – “Using or denoting a system of numerical notation that has 2 rather than 10 as a base.” Indicates there are only two possible outcomes… Read more

What are the Advantages of Trading Binary Options Online?

Binary Options trading is advantageous as IT offers certain features not provided for in traditional trading. As a reminder Binary Options trading is gathering your information and taking a position on the near future price on the way the particular assets will move at a fixed price which is set in advance. The trader knows exactly… Read more

Choosing the Best Asset Market for Binary Options Trading

If you are looking for a way to make some extra income with low risk, then Binary option trading is for you. Profits on binary options do not depend on how much the price actually changes it is purely predicting the direction in which the market is going. YThe most important part of Binary Options… Read more