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Binary Options News

What About Online Forex Trading?

Forex trading is still unknown or misunderstood by many.People that understand forex trading usually get the trading bug and most spend their whole lives perfecting their skill. Without you realising or even knowing what forex trading is the chances are very high that you have participated in it in one form or another at some point. If you… Read more

Trading the FTSE & JSE Africa Top 40 Index (Buying)

On the day you choose the South African 40 is trading at 28100. You feel that our in respect to our resources and increasing commodity prices that the South Africa 40 is going up above the level of 28400. The binary price for the South African 40 to close above 28400 at 9:00 am is 20-23… Read more

Trading the FTSE & JSE Africa Top 40 Index (Selling)

You look on the 1st of August and the South Africa 40 is trading at 28200. Global feeling is negative and you are confident that selling is the way to go until the close of day. The binary price for the South African 40 to close above 28100 is 83 – 86. Due to your prediction… Read more

Online Binary Options Compared with Traditional Trading

The following can be classified as the main differences between binary options trading and normal trading: Expiry – Traditional trades expire monthly or quarterly whereas Binary Options expire at the end of each hour, day, week or month. Payouts- Traditional payouts depend on the amount the asset price changes. With Binary options, the price is… Read more

One Touch Binary Option Trading

A One Touch Option is a new type of trade being offered by the more popular brokers. The main reason it was created was to allow traders to trade on weekends or at any other times when the markets are closed. Its mainly used by investors to diversify their current portfolios, especially over weekends where… Read more

Safe Binary Options Trading

Binary Options are a simple & exciting way to make significant gains on short-term movements of the market with the added benefit of limited risk, in most cases. It is therefore important that when trading binary options online that investors are participating in safe and secure trading environment. What most people don’t know about binary options trading… Read more

Eurozone between a rock and a hard place

Following 18 months of recession in Europe, the anticipated publishing of CPI and GDP data last week spurred hope that signs of change will finally unveil. The French GDP surprised for the better on Wednesday, mostly due to a recovery of the local industrial production, and one could have hoped that this is a sign… Read more

The effect of Macroeconomic Conditions When Trading Binary Options

In today’s article we discuss some macro-economic events that occurred recently and how these events effect the supply of macroeconomic conditions. Unexpected events such as September 11 attacks or, Hurricane Katrina, or even the ongoing civil war in Syria are considered large scale events that can have a dramatic effect on worldwide macroeconomic conditions. These… Read more

A Review of One Touch Options Trading

One touch options are a relatively new form of trading taking place within the exciting world of Binary and Options trading. Having only been introduced into the product portfolios of various options brokers, over a very short period of time this form of trading has quickly become one of the most popular forms of trading…. Read more

Candy Crush (King.com) and Alibaba – Pre-IPO Touch Options

A number of the top Binary Options brokers have recently announced some special pre-IPO trading opportunities for two major organisations. One is the world famous mobile game Candy Crush developed by King.com and the other is Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant. Both of whom are expected to announce IPO’s in the coming months. Although both… Read more

Binary Option Signals

With the growth of binary trading comes the natural growth of various strategies and techniques to optimise your trading and improve your return on investment. Very recently the most popular type of trading strategy tools is called Binary Option Signals. Only very recently have traders started demanding this type of information before executing any trades… Read more

Binary Trading Signals and Trading Bots

The binary options industry is still relatively young, approximately 4 years old and the pace of growth is pretty impressive. With this growth comes all the ancillary services that develop around such a fast paced industry. The main services we have seen are binary signal services and auto trading services or “bot trading” services. I… Read more

Managed Binary Trading Account

It seems that in today’s day and age of binary options trading there are many traders looking for companies that provide managed binary trading accounts. As far as we know there are no such companies that provide these services however there are automated trading applications that will trade for you based on algorithms and binary… Read more