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The Best Binary Options Reviews

Daily, thousand of traders wants to get all important information about binary options brokers. Before they decide to make a first step and deposit with a specific broker, traders want to know all information related to the broker they choose. That’s why BinaryOption.co.za was created – to help all types of traders with this task. We have many binary brokers that we reviewed in the recent years. Take your time to research our list of binary options brokers! Within binary options brokers table, traders can find most reputable binary brokers. We work hard and invest much time into binary options brokers research, and that’s why we reviewed brokers very carefully.

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What are Binary Options Brokers?

Binary brokers are trading services that enable traders to trade binary options online. Binary options are a new type of financial investing that has friendlier form than traditional stock exchange. The binary trader doesn’t have to buy certain assets, however, the trader can predict the price movements at the market.

With this definition, we can understand, that binary brokers offer predictions on which you can invest your funds. Also, traders are able to see which prediction they can make and which payouts they get for each right prediction.

BinaryOption.co.za Broker Reviews

There are several reasons why every trader should read our broker reviews before selecting a broker. With our list, traders can be informed about the most important features and hidden info from the terms and conditions. This way, traders can list all the important details and some of the information that Binaryoption.co.za reviews provide are:

  • Regulation: we will clearly list the license number in case the binary broker is regulated
  • Account Features: With this info, traders can get familiar with all features that broker provides. These features are usually perks offered through different account types
  • Bonuses: Many brokers offer bonus rewards on the initial deposit. Binaryoption.co.za will always list terms and conditions that are linked with the bonus reward so traders can know how will this can help them in their trading
  • Trading Software and Platform: Every software has some special characteristics. That’s why we review the software that makes trading with binary options available for every trader that is interested in dynamic and technically advanced trading
  • Assets: Binaryoption.co.za review provides info about assets and how to trade them with a specific broker
  • Demo: In our reviews traders can find all information about Demo account and virtual funds that they can use to test all account features with a broker
  • Customer Support Chat: We test customer support to know how broker has set up the help info zone and how it is support traders when it comes to questions about the account, funds, deposit, withdrawal, etc.
  • Payments: We will list all payments that are available with a specific broker and list minimum deposit requirements. We will help our traders to understand all about withdrawal process and if it takes a long time to have a withdrawal of your investment or money earned which can be stressful for any trader

Binaryoption.co.za is a great place to find all about the best binary brokers and our team has put a lot of effort into following changes and regulations in the industry that can affect traders directly.

Can Traders Trust Binary Brokers?

charts binary tradingWhen beginners start trading with binary options, they often find themselves in situations when they do not know if they would trust the broker and in what way. In order to separate the brokers who are reputable and credible from the ones that are not, they should be aware there are reviews that can help them find an appropriate broker no matter how specific their wishes are.

Binary brokers are separated into several categories so traders can search and see which brokers are trustworthy and which brokers are suitable and have great potential of fulfilling their needs.

Our goal is to show what different binary brokers are offering, by explaining everything to the trader. In our reviews, we show you how the broker works, and that’s why we have different lists that can help you decide on the best.

For example, in the blacklisted section we have brokers who did not meet the conditions required to make the trader feel safe and traders should not deposit with them. Traders need to avoid and not invest money with these brokers because they are a scam.

What Makes a Good Binary Broker?

Finding a trustworthy broker is sometimes hard, especially for the beginners. The best way to do that is to find a small selection of brokers with a good rating and positive review that can be found on Binaryoption.co.za. However, this is a subjective part because it is all based on personal preferences, wishes, and goals that are different for every options trader.

Every trader has different needs and traders do not think the same way. For example, some traders will respond to support communication only via e-mail, while others will want live chat support. Also, there are traders who want to have a small number of features, strategies and other tools while on the other hand, we have those traders who want to control and want to influence every single option the broker provides them.

That’s why, with Binaryoptoin.co.za reviews, traders can find only reliable brokers that provide not only the best and accurate information but also a status for safe trading.

How to Select the Right Broker for Me?

To find a most reliable broker that suits all your needs, make sure to check these aspects of their service:

  • Binary Options Brokers Features

It is important for traders that broker offers the right binary options types for you. You need to make sure that broker has options that you want to use in its arsenal.

For example, if you want to trade with 60 seconds Expiry times, the broker has to offer that option to you. Also, if you want to trade with a trading option like High/Low, the broker is supposed to have that option available for you.

Also, make sure that broker offers different assets and strategies that you can use while trading binary options. This way, you can fulfill your expectations and be ready to trade with something you understand and want to trade.

  • Terms and Conditions

This document is really important when it comes to a relationship with you and a broker. Read this document before you make a trading account and especially before you make a deposit. This way, you know all the obligations and rights that broker defines for you and for itself.

  • Demo Account

The best way to experience trading and all features that broker is providing is to try out a demo account. After trading with a demo, traders can know whether the broker is good or not for them. With demo accounts, traders don’t need to invest any money, and since demo money is virtual, so are profits and the losses.

However, the money is not important here because, with a demo account, traders can test the platform, upgrade all features and tools available and upgrade strategies to find out what trading looks like.

There are binary options demo accounts which are linked with the deposit, but a lot more brokers have demo accounts that are completely free and you can use them instantly. Also, a lot of brokers offer the education center, market updates, and guidelines, however, their significance is determined by the trader choice.

  • Binary Brokers Trading Accounts

Brokers usually provide different trading accounts. They are created so beginners and professionals can choose an account that meets all their needs. Account types can differentiate by the deposit options, deposit amount, bonus promotions, market analysis, daily market research, strategies, risk levels and much more. This will help a trader who just started to trade at the financial market and wants to deposit a smaller amount of money. However, traders who are experienced and professional can deposit higher amounts and create an account with different options.

With higher deposits, brokers usually provide a personal account manager, higher bonus amounts, private analysis with financial analyst, management plans etc. This is a win-win situation for both traders because this suits everything they need from the moment they deposit money.

  • Brokers Customer Support

Except they need to provide great trading software, safe and reliable trading and many other requirements important for the traders, brokers are supposed to have a customer support. For all customers that need professional support and guidance about trading, customer support agents need to help in order to make their trading and investing interesting and without any errors that may occur with the software or any tool and features available and important for the trading process.

  • FBO Award

As you will definitely notice, there are several brokers who have a prestigious FBO award logo by their name. Each year, FBO awards binary options brokers who have proven themselves to be honest and reliable in many ways. In most cases, these brokers have a long tradition of great customer service and have no accusations about being a scam.

Binary Options Complaints

While traders browse the other review pages, they will find a lot of negative reviews from traders who lost their investments. When you invest in trading with binary options, there is a risk involved like in any other finance business, and any angry traders that write their own opinion as a review, which can also be incorrect, are not of any use to anyone. The important part for review is to remain objective and explain everything related to the broker. We show to our traders if we find anything negative to say of any of the binary options brokers. That’s why you have our Blacklisted brokers page.

Signs that Binary Broker is a Scam

Before we tell you the signs that can help you to solve this issue, it is important to understand how binary trading results are not depending on the broker only but also on market changes and trends. Also, the trader can affect trades with his tilt, stress level and additional tools and products the trader is using.

Here are the signs that broker should be replaced:

Problems with Withdrawal Process

It is completely understandable that every withdrawal can take some time. We are talking about several days but it also depends on the broker. However, it this become an issue and you have difficulty to even discuss this with a customer support team, we advise you to find a different broker

Forced Trading and Managed Accounts

Traders are supposed to track their trading history and know exactly what trades they really placed. Some scam brokers can place trades on behalf of the traders and that may cause significant losses. Always keep in mind that you are in charge of the trades and check your trading history frequently to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Forcing Deposit

A lot of trading brokers offer special managers for an account who take a care of customers. However, some of this managers can force you to trade more, making threats and even be mad when you don’t deposit expected amount. In this situation – change your broker immediately! If you feel not secured and uncomfortable, trust yourself and change your broker as soon as possible. These practices are often used by a broker who is promising high returns. Traders usually make a mistake and believe all world that these account managers are telling them and this way, traders can lose entire investment in a short period of time.

Safe Trading with Binary Brokers

scam illustrationChoosing the best broker that meets all of your requirements depends on many things. Here at BinaryOption.co.za, we believe that it is very important to check all the broker’s information and credibility before you consider to take any action.It is important to read terms and conditions so traders can know what to expect. Also, deposit and withdrawal process should be easy and understandable to any visitor, from the beginner to the professional trader.

The brokers usually provide different various payment offers such as e-wallets, debit or credit cards and bank wire transfers. We also want, that our readers know which broker provides a demo account and where you can test all the features and tools. This option is very interesting to any type of the trader and very popular because traders can improve their trading skills and know what to do in actual trading situations.

Why do I need to To Read Broker Reviews?

When we talk about binary options brokers and trading in general, there is always some kind of a risk involved. However, with binary options trading, this risk can be minimized if you can investigate more and know more about brokers on which you have deposited. That is why we inform traders, especially beginners before they start to trade with a specific broker.

We believe that our reviews are objective and we want to provide all information about the trading platform, payments, FAQ, trading strategies and rules, withdrawal terms and customer support.

Therefore, traders are supported to read broker reviews on Binaryoption.co.za, where they can find all information about trading with robots and different brokers.

We are working hard to bring traders all the information and guidelines to the best brokers platforms and trading software that you can find on the internet. So go ahead and enjoy in our broker reviews and we wish you all the best with the time you will spend in financial trading markets!

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