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FX-Advisor Review 2020

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FX-Advisor is a brand new service in the industry that can make your life easier. They claim to connect traders with brokers that are a top choice in their country, thus shortening the process of finding a licensed and regulated broker. FX-Advisor claims not only to connect traders exclusively with regulated brokers, which can definitely be a plus but also with brokers who have transparent T&C, modern platform, premium customer support, and free demo account.

Basically, with FX-Advisor every trader gets a broker that fits him best. FX-Advisor review will try to find out if this is really so, and what this service has to offer in general. Also, find out more about different account types, free demo accounts, deposits withdrawals, customer support, education, and trading platform. Also, we will try to answer the most important question – is FX-Advisor a scam?

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  1. FX-Advisor Account Features

    Let’s face the facts – traders no longer want one-size-fits-all solutions, but customized trading accounts. This is a reasonable request. After all, beginners and advanced traders don’t have the same needs or preferences.

    Some brokers of dubious quality take advantage of this and either charge minimum deposits no average trader can afford, or have several account types, but the one you get for minimum deposit offers nothing except a few assets to trade. From this, we can conclude how finding the right broker is a tricky business.

    FX-Advisor took the important step of filtering good and reliable brokers, from those who are prone to deception. They managed to find brokers that offer a great variety of trading accounts while keeping the minimum deposit low – never over $250. Of course, if you wish to deposit more, you can get more expensive accounts, but in this case, even the cheapest accounts have everything you need for everyday trading.

    FX-Advisor also took a closer look at terms and conditions and chose brokers who are transparent and professional. There is nothing hidden in fine print, and all these brokers have a proper, regulated status. This is additional insurance for every trader.

    By doing the job of filtering the brokers, FX-Advisor managed to find top trading brokers for beginners and advanced traders. Of course, beginners have different needs than those who already have more years of experience. Even professional traders will find FX-Advisor to be very useful. Especially when it comes to demo accounts.

    FX-Advisor Demo account

    The demo account is something that every trader should use, and FX-advisor managed to find regulated brokers who offer it. Even though some think of it as of play mode, the demo account is a useful learning tool. With the demo account, you get access to a platform that looks exactly like a real trading platform. It has all the elements – charts, assets, price movements… The main difference is that money is only virtual, so you can’t make a profit, but you can’t lose either. Thanks to the Demo account, traders get a chance to place trades in a safe environment and risk-free.

    But why should and experienced trader use the demo account? The answer is simple – with the demo account, they can test their strategies and results of their analysis. In case they traded with some other broker before, they can use the demo to get used to the interface, as it gives them full access to all features and tools. The only limit is the virtual money you have on your demo.

  2. FX-Advisor Trading Software

    FX-Advisor that the best online trading platforms offer a great selection of not only tools and features, but assets as well (forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies). Without the platform, there is no trading, and traders, now more than ever, want to have a selection of platforms. A good trading platform is easy to use while being intuitive and reliable with accurate live stream data. Knowing that professionals and beginners don’t have the same approach to trading, FX-Advisor found brokers with top trading platforms. These platforms can be used on a plethora of devices to ensure that the trader is never in danger of missing a trade.

    There is no platform that will fit all traders. Every trader must make their choice. While some give advantage to web-based platforms, others prefer desktop-based trading with more advanced features. FX-Advisor connects traders to top brokers, so all the platforms listed below really have everything you need to start trading.

    You can trade with:

    • Web trader
    • MetaTrader4
    • Mobile app

    Web Trader

    Web traders are usually the top choice for those who are only starting forex trading. You can access this platform by using your favorite browser. Simply log in with your data on the broker’s website and you will immediately be redirected to the trading platform. One of the main benefits of this platform is that there are no downloads involved, and you can use it on any device that can be connected to the internet.

    Web trader is usually very straightforward and easy to use. The designs are appealing and intuitive so trading feels really natural. FX-Advisor seems to appreciate web traders as they don’t want to confuse traders with complicated platforms and want to ensure the best possible experience.


    MetaTrader4 is one of the most popular and renown trading platforms. It is developed by MetaQuotes, a company specialized in online trading platforms. This platform comes in different forms, as you can choose one depending on your device (computer, tablet, mobile) or depending on your operating system (iOS, Linux, Windows).

    MT4 comes equipped with many tools and features. There are also some additional services like Expert Advisors, but the fact is that this type of platform is more popular among experienced traders as it requires more skills and knowledge.

    Mobile App

    Can you imagine the life without mobile apps? And how about trading? Mobile apps are taking over the world of trading, and they are popular among beginners and experts alike. All you have to do is install it and log in with your data, and you will have access to all your trades no matter where you are.

    Mobile apps also allow you to place the trade immediately after reading daily market news, even if you are on the beach or on the train. Mobile trading is great because you can still combine it with trading on your personal computer. Don’t hesitate to download the mobile app. They are using special encryptions and systems that keep your data safe.

    Your capital might be at risk
  3. FX-Advisor Support Information

    Customer support is one of the most important elements in online trading, even though it doesn’t seem so. After all, who need customer support? FX-Advisor understands that we all need good customer support, and has put a lot of effort into finding licensed brokers with professional agents that will assist you when needed. FX-Advisor review showed how they all fit the strict set of criteria, FX-Advisor is using to filter brokers.

    Professional customer support will not force you to deposit or try to tell you have to trade. On the other hand, they will be there for all your inquiries and will assist you when you need additional information, update on your withdrawal status or more information on how to make a deposit.

    A special aspect of customer support is education. In the recent past, many people believed how trading is just a game for rich and famous, but now, everyone understands the importance of good education. Of course, nothing stops you from trading according to on your intuition, but bad results can soon stop you from trading.

    For this reason, FX-Advisor selected only brokers that have a great education section. Also, the educational materials offered can be filtered according to the topic, or your level of knowledge. Educational materials also come in different forms like webinars, video. E-books, newsletters… FX-Advisor will also deliver you the latest market news via email so make sure to read them. That way you will know what is going on, even if you don’t want to place the trade immediately. Being informed can definitely increase your knowledge of financial markets.

    Support Information
  4. FX-Advisor Company Information

    The safety of funds is an important aspect of trading for every trader. How to deposit? What methods are available? Can I make a withdrawal after I make a profit? All these questions are bothering traders looking for a broker.

    First of all, FX-Advisor is connecting traders with regulated and licensed brokers. This means they obey laws and all legal procedures. Also, they operate transparently and professionally. All important documents can be found with just a few clicks of a mouse.

    These brokers have reasonable trading conditions, have no hidden fees, leave nothing to misinterpretation and offer an impressive selection of payment methods for traders all over the world.

    Is FX-Advisor a Scam?

    FX-Advisor is not a scam, but a service we have long been waiting for. Imagine, now you don’t have to waste time on reviewing endless brokers, but can simply find one thanks to FX-Advisor. These brokers have:

    • License
    • Regulated status
    • Transparent T&C
    • A free demo
    • Top platforms
    • Professional customer support
  5. Your capital might be at risk