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FXMasterBot Review 2020

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  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Max. Payout n/a
  • Min. Investment $25
  • Mobile Yes
  • Software Proprietary
  • LiveChat Yes

Note: FXMasterBot cannot trade binary options.

FXMasterBot is a special trading software that supports both manual and automated trading. Traders can also trade forex, which is not very common.

Also, what we can mention the benefit of the complete trading settings optimization, and with the help of an account upgrade, the increase in the number of tools and features.

In this review, we will show you all the benefits of this software and how best to use it. Most traders use multiple accounts to trade different options, but now it’s possible from one place and it’s totally free!

  1. Website Preview

  1. FXMasterBot Account Features

    One of the special features of FXMasterBot software is the variety of account types and benefits that each of the accounts provides.

    In the following text, we will introduce you to 3 basic accounts that traders can use and additional explanations for each of them. Carefully consider each account type and decide what is best for you:

    Novice Account – With this account that is often referred to as a beginner account, traders can use 3 currency pairs, and a chance to have 3 open trades at the same time, trading with multiple brokers and Leaderboard multiplier x1. The minimum deposit for this account is $ 100 which is the most common amount required for trading in the trading world.

    Expert Account – This account is a novice account upgrade. In order to use it, a minimum deposit of $ 500 is required. This account is a standard type of account with an upgrade that provides added benefits like 9 currency pairs, different additional settings for trading and Leaderboard multiplier x2.

    Master Account – This account can be called ‘king of accounts’ in the world of forex trading software. The minimum deposit is $ 500 with two brokers available to you due to the country you are coming from. With this account, you have unlocked all the settings you need for trading, VIP customer support that will be available at any time only for you, leaderboard multiplier x 3, and all currency pairs. This account is most often used among traders who are willing to trade forex in a more professional way.

    Demo Account

    What impressed us when we wrote a review of FXMasterBot is the availability of demo accounts for all traders. All traders can access a demo account and test all the options and settings that FXMasterBot in real mode allows during trading.

    This way, all traders, beginners or professionals can get to know the software and try out all the benefits of software that is in many ways different from standard robots and other software on the market.  However, it’s important to note that the money you trade on your demo account is not real but virtual so you can not withdraw it to your bank account as a profit. It only serves to test all the services and options that FXMasterBot provides. Demo accounts are very popular among traders because they allow you to get familiar with the software and the quality of the product itself. They are often the key to deciding on a particular software.

    We believe that the FXMasterBot has faithfully demonstrated how the software looks and how it works with the demo account, and that is why traders love it.

  2. FXMasterBot Trading Software

    Different accounts allow all traders access functions that are enabled with that particular account. This means that the settings with the upgrade account change and we will list only some of which you can use on your trading interface:

    • Compound Wins
    • Reverse Trading
    • Max Concurrent Trades
    • Daily Take Profit
    • Daily Stop Loss
    • Max Daily Trades

    By upgrading your account, you have the opportunity to use multiple settings. For example, using Daily Stop Loss option, you can limit the time at which you want the software to stop trading with your balance. Likewise, Max Daily Trades allows you to choose the exact amount you want to trade on a particular day.

    One of the special features of FXMasterBot software is the ability of Reverse Trading. This means you can trade completely contrary to software recommendations. Sometimes the market can be unpredictable and you may find that you have better info for a particular currency pair or asset with the help of education and knowledge for a specific asset/pair. This way you can make a decision in your favor and trade in the way you want.

    There are more and more educated traders who like to make their own decisions, and this software allows you to do so. Especially because you can trade manual and automated at any time.

    How to use FXMasterBot?

    Once you are registered (completely free) on FXMasterBot, you can immediately start trading and use all the benefits that this software allows. Namely, there are no additional fees or monthly fees you must pay for using FXMasterBot. Of course, regarding the deposit, it is also necessary to deposit with the broker to use this software. This means that all deposit and withdrawal transactions go directly through a broker and the software remains completely free and has no any expiry time for usage.

    As far as the interface itself is concerned, all you do is work directly in your browser. There is no download or any load for your computer. The only thing you need is an internet connection that will be stable so you can access the market at any time.

    What is a LeaderBoard and How to Get Points?

    The Leaderboard is another in a series of items that we really liked. FXMasterBot offers its traders additional earnings through collecting points by trading on the market. With the help of a simple equation that reads Trade volume x multiplier + (deposits-withdrawals) traders can collect points and at the end of each month provide additional cash prizes to their account. Yes, you have read it well, every month the table is reset so you can join the race at any time.

    Your capital might be at risk
  3. FXMasterBot Support Information

    We have decided to contact the customer support team several times. We asked them various questions about account types, deposits, settings and on all questions, and we received a specific answer each time. It seems that educated agents can significantly improve the impression of the software. Besides the live chat that you can use anytime, you can also contact the agents and mail them directly on the website. We also recommend reading FAQ part as a response to most of the questions that may interest you.

    Support Information
  4. FXMasterBot Company Information

    Traders should keep in mind how FXMasterBot is not a broker, but a trading software for forex. This means that no payments are processed by FXMasterBot. Traders who wish to trade with this software must make a deposit with a broker available in the trading room. All brokers available in the trading room are compatible with FXMasterBot technology.

    Minimum deposit is, in most cases, $100, but withdrawal may depend from broker to broker and on your trading status. For example, traders who accept a bonus from their broker must fulfill several terms and conditions before making a withdrawal. If you wish to withdraw your money, you must contact the broker and not the FXMasterBot. FXMasterBot has integrated several security protocols that keep your data safe from people with bad intentions.


  5. Your capital might be at risk